It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t communicate with your colleagues or clients until you were at your workplace. Today, anyone can stay connected no matter where they are, with practically every company activity taking place online. While this progress has made corporate processes easier, it has also made reliable and fast internet connectivity a must. Unfortunately, internet access can be unpredictable, resulting in costly downtime. To avoid such problems, many businesses are turning to suppliers who provide fiber-optic internet connectivity, often known as Fiber. Here are some of the reasons why businesses rely on internet connectivity from an FTTH provider.

Unbeatable Performance

A fiber connection is the most efficient way for businesses to supply services. Fiber technology transfers data via millions of light pulses per second and establishes a direct connection between a business and its Internet service provider. Older technologies, such as cable, relied on shared connections, which meant that a problem with your neighbor or neighborhood may disrupt your connection. In contrast, fiber-optic cables have low latency and give you and your provider dedicated access.

Improved Network Security

Fiber internet from an FTTH provider protects your company from cyber-crime since it is more difficult to access than cable internet, which is very easy to tap. Because hackers can only infiltrate your connection by physically cutting the connections, it’s difficult for the intruder to access any confidential data or information without causing the signal to disappear. When the signal dies, you are notified, allowing you to react quickly in the event of an emergency.

Higher Bandwidth

High internet speeds are critical, especially for businesses that rely on data or information processing for their productivity. Many businesses opt for fiber connectivity from an FTTH provider because they provide a 5G capacity, allowing more devices to connect to the same network without slowing down the speed, thereby resulting in less downtime and higher productivity. According to, by 2023, 5G speeds are expected to be 13 times faster than the current mobile connection, making it the ideal bandwidth for businesses.

Cloud Access

Businesses now use cloud services for site hosting, business software, data storage, and customer relationship management (CRM). By offering the fast speed and bandwidth that cloud services demand, fiber internet connectivity improves the cloud experience.

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